snackaholic knocks furiously on wood (manhattan, ny)

Regal Union Square Stadium 14  

Category: Cinema 
Neighborhoods: Greenwich Village, Union Square, East Village

★ 3/29/2012

What I really want to do is write a review for my office’s vending machine. Since that’s not an option I’m going with the obvious next choice, the movie theater down the street. Much like the vending machine, I can be spotted here frequently, perhaps too frequently. 

If you have been to any regular movie theater in the continental US, you have been to this theater. Regal 14 features typical movies (you aren’t going to catch the newest indie here) with your typical over-priced concessions (as always, I recommend buying from a nearby Duane Reade and sneaking it in), typical lines during peak hours (especially for the newest/hottest releases), typical screens (non Imax), typical girl asking you if you would prefer a large drink for only $0.25 more, typical everything (everything, everything, everything). 

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad movie theater. I have never once (KNOCKS FURIOUSLY ON WOOD) seen a bug here, thankfreakinggod. Also, I generally have never had a problem finding a seat or seeing the screen, no matter how crowded the theater may be. And I have never gotten food poisoning from the Twizzlers. Still, it’s just your basic theater. I usually head over to the Angelica or Landmark or Ziegfield if I’m trying to experience more in life…. or if I just want better concessions.