sweaty girl loves her guy friends (MANHATTAN, NY)

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Neighborhood: Lower East Side

★★★★ 9/28/2011 

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Stumbled in to Mystique on a whim after a grueling flag football practice*. Dressed in tights, soccer shorts, sneakers, and a sweaty tee (as were my friends) I was pretty certain they were going to deny us entry at the door despite the fact that the place looked pretty quiet late on a Monday night. To my surprise the bartender welcomed us in and let me know that Monday night the special was $3 for any draft. Um, winner! Captain Lawrence on tap? CHAMPION.

After we grabbed our beers we headed down to the dance floor and watched the regulars doing salsa. I’m not much for dancing, so I just convinced my teammates to mack it to the single ladies… one got a dance, the other it was a swing and a miss**. Eek! 

I wandered around after using the bathroom*** and found a second floor. Heard some ridiculousness coming from behind one of the doors so I decided to pop my head in and sure enough there was a group of people doing karaoke. By far the strangest bar I have ever been to - and I’ve been to some pretty strange bars****. 

Needless to say I’m looking forward to coming back on a Monday night with some of my lady friends. I know they like to dance and I have a feeling that place is right up their alley. The fact that there’s always the option to do karaoke and the selection of beers on tap is AWESOME for a “lounge” makes it an ideal spot for me to make an absolute fool of myself. 

I’ll be back.


* Yes, some people do practice flag football.
** The chick who shot my friend down was a jerk. She didn’t even look him in the eye when she told him no. Rude.
*** One bathroom. One toilet. I don’t know how this works when the place is jumping and I kind of don’t want to know. 
**** Strangest bar = some goth bar in Dallas, Texas. That was the scariest experience of my life. There were whips…and chains…and all I know was that I was wearing a white tee shirt that said, “Hug Me I’m A Canadian!”